Zhejiang University Supercomputing Team

Zhejiang University

About US

We are students from Zhejiang University Supercomputing Team (ZJUSCT), affiliated to College of Computer Science and Technology, ZJU.

We participate in domestic and international SCC competitions, and provides some public services in ZJU including ZJU Mirror and ZJU Git. We also provide the HPC101 summer course for freshmen in ZJU.


  • Jianhai Chen
  • Zeke Wang
  • Yin Zhang
  • Shuibing He

Members & Alumni

Full list here.

  • High Performance Computing
  • Hetrogeneous Computing
  • MLSys


SC 22 SCC, 3rd Place
ISC 22, 5th Place
ASC 22 Preliminary Round, 1st Place
CPC 21 Final Round, 3rd Prize
ASC 20-21 Final Round, 1st Prize
ASC 20-21 Preliminary Round, 4th Place
PAC 20, Application Track, 3rd Prize
PAC 19, Application Track, 2nd Prize
ASC 18 Final Round, 1st Prize
ASC 16 Final Round, e-Prize
ASC 16 Final Round, 1st Prize
ASC 15 Final Round, 1st Prize
ASC 14 Final Round, 1st Prize


(2021). Calculation and optimization of correlation function in distillation method of lattice quantum chromodynamcis. In Acta Physica Sinica.


(2020). Parallel Computing Feature Analysis of Grid Numerical Simulation Software for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics. In Computer Systems & Applications.